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the art of jakub rozalski

“I think that deep inside, everyone has something of the werewolf.” 

– Jakub Rozalski

  1. werewolf has manifested a juxtaposed dimension teeming with ancient wars and primal alliances

This is the reality he’s created, the seeds planted during a childhood spent in a small village located in northern Poland. As a painter, conceptual artist and illustrator, Rozalski (better known as Mr. Werewolf) draws from his natural passions – history and ancient beliefs – to create a completely remained picture of Eastern Europe during the 1920s and beyond.

“I always try to add something new, something alternative, fresh. I try to narrate the well known story in my own way.”

In that retelling, Mr. Werewolf has manifested a juxtaposed dimension, teeming with ancient wars and primal alliances. In this dimension, the past and the future stand united as they’re rewritten, awaiting the next brush stroke. The next chapter. The next revival.