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Tonight! The Good Life Halloween Bash: BEAST RESEARCH!

Our final event inside the Good Life Haunted House. Click here to peep the video.

BASSIC, Beat Research & Picó Picante Present Halloween at Good Life:



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With support from:


C DUBZ [Bassic]

THE SUBLINGS Performing Live [Beat Research]

DJ FLACK [Beat Research]

DJ PACE [Beat Research]

OXYcontinental [Picó Picante]

Pajaritos [Picó Picante]

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$3 with costume / $7 without
Good Life
28 Kingston Street, Boston

Back to Business! Game over starts up again at 5 pm today!

A short list of what we do at Game Over! We are officially weekly! No more first and third tuesday, now we are EVERY tuesday!

[Please see our new Subreddit for guaranteed up to date info and announcements](

(Changes and new additions are **Asterisked**)

**Need something to do while waiting for the power to come on and the roads to be cleared? Come down to Game Over and grab a beer.****Great news everyone, we finally got to talk with Harmonix and over the next little while we will be ironing out a deal to bring all new equipment for our Rock Band 3 setup as well as a brand new Dance Central setup along with all their corresponding dlc, swag, giveaways, and much more! We look forward to working with Harmonix to better Game Over as well as other game developers in the future**

We are looking for 2 more Gamecube controllers to use with our Smash Brothers setup, if you would like to donate or sell to us let us know and we’ll take them off your hands. We are also looking for someone to bring in their memory card for us to copy over to our wiis so we can have the full cast for brawl/melee. **We are also working on “hacking” our wiis so as to have all the characters/unlocks and run the games off a hard drive so the disk issues will cease. Hopefully this will be done for next week.**

We are now all ages all the time! We feel this change won’t make much impact as we don’t have many if any under 18/21 guests but hopefully it will be good news for someone and everyone can stay later.

We are attempting to put more focus on our board games, as such we will be looking to acquire popular board games. If you are selling or have a suggestion of ones we should acquire please let us know, we know this area of our night has been sorely lacking and are dedicating this week to fixing that.

$10 Magic the Gathering **Return to Ravnica** booster draft! 8 player pods, first draft usually start around 530, new drafts begin as we get enough people. First place is 8 packs, second place is 4 packs! Winner walks away with 11 packs for only $10, you really can’t find a better deal than that anywhere. (magic booster draft prize structure is subject to change as we figure out what works and what doesn’t).

We are looking into adding other CCG’s such as Yu-Gi-Oh, spread the word if you would like a favorite game of yours added!

We will have at least 3 fighting game setups (xboxs/ps3s/monitors) running a mix of UMVC3, SFIVAE2012, 3rd strike, HDremix, Blazblue, Persona 4, Tekken Tag 2, DOA5 and any and all other fighters people wish to bring or play. We are working towards being able to do tournaments but right now its a step at a time, hopefully in the right direction. **If you guys want tournaments to happen you need to show up/spread the word and bring sticks/pads/setups. We’ve spent almost $700 on fighters alone so far and I’d really like to be able to make tournaments happen soon.**

We now have a full Rock Band 3 setup, drums, 2 guitars, and a microphone hooked up to a 46 inch tv. We will be keeping this setup for the time being as it seemed to be very popular, we are also working on purchasing dlc for it in the future. **We will also have a full dance central setup soon as well!**

On to video games, we have two Wiis, multiple N64’s, 3 xboxs as well as some other surprises. We will be introducing new and varied systems/setups as time goes on and support grows. *we are working on acquiring new and varied vintage consoles in the very near future.**

**We are currently filing the permits to add arcade cabinets to the event! This is a long and tedious process as the city of Boston doesn’t like video games being mixed with booze for some reason. We will do our best to expedite this process and have some awesome cabinets for you guys in the very near future!**

**As always we are working hard to introduce new things to our night. We are always accepting loans, donations, or anything really of tvs/monitors/systems/equipment. It helps us to add cool things faster as we can only spend so much at once. If you have any suggestions, comments, feedback etc. Please let us know, we will do our best to accomodate. We are also reaching out to local game companies, stores etc to host some of their stuff at Game Over if you or someone you know might be interested encourage them to get in touch with us!**

Tuesday October 30th 5pm all ages, no cover. [Good Life]( 28 Kingston St Boston 02111.

Red line to Downtown Crossing, Green Line to Park and walk
down Winter st to Summer St and take a right onto Kingston at the Bank of America. Orange Line to Downtown Crossing. 3 garages nearby, one is 20 feet from the door of the bar and is $10 for all day parking, street parking free after 8pm.

Tonight! Little Sweet Shop Of Horrors w/ Sinden!

Our 3rd Event inside the Good Life Haunted House. Click here to peep the video

SWEET SHOP is back with a Halloween party that will be so frightening you will have no choice but to boogie.

There will be ghouls, ghosts, and DJs (how terrifying).
SINDEN will be helping us raise the dead.

Don’t forget about our COSTUME CONTEST! It will be judged by some well known locals involved in music and journalism. Dress to kill because there will be PRIZES.This disturbing night of the Macabre you will not forget.::Downstairs:: House, Techno, and straight up dance musicSINDEN (LA, Grizzly)


::Upstairs:: Hip Hop, R&B, and top 40



21 plus always.
$10.00 all night
Party by Createspace
Visuals by Jay Medina VJ
Photos by Chrissy Bulakites