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Tonight! Fresh Produce w/ DJ Fashen (LA)!!

Welcome to Fresh Produce, our infamous monthly hip hop and reggae party, almost 6 years strong!!!

Fresh Produce has seen the likes of many stars bless the turntables for their monthly party, from a then up-and-coming Mayer Hawthorne, to legends like Prince Paul and Maseo of De La Soul.

Hosted by Boston-based web sites’ and, in conjunction with Frank 151 magazine, Fresh Produce combines forces each month, inviting DJs and producers from across the country.

The music is a mixture of new and old hip hop, reggae and party jams, with plenty of turntablism-style scratching, beat juggling and near flawless mixing, held down by resident and founding DJs Tommee and Knife

Check for more info.

Tonight! 3-Some! Never Say Never w/ Stacey Pullen, Bootie Boston & Milk and Honey!

Never in the history of the Good Life had we attempted to throw such a party until a cool September night in 2010 when we packed the place with all of our friends and some amazing guests including UK’s own Scuba!

Well on June 29 we’re doing it again with another amazing lineup!

Once again our venue will be divided into three separate rooms housing three totally different events.

Upstairs in the main bar is Milk & Honey. DJ Leah V brings the madness spinning moombahton, 90s hip hop and party jams with special guest, DJ ABD of Bad Rabbits!

In the dining room: You know them, you love them, they bring the best damn Nautical themed party this side of the high seas. It’s Bootie Boston with Spencer 4 Hire, Jabulani, Atom & McFly rounding out the bill.

Finally, Never Say Never is back with us once again! This time with very special guest Stacey Pullen! Pullen is one of the great DJs and producers of our time and a global ambassador for Detroit techno and dance music of the highest order.

Opening up the festivities downstairs are Alex from Queens, the mysterious vinylstalker and lysergic partyrocker, Mark Ingram, budding producer of Hamilton Dance Recs and seasoned kilt-wearer from Reset, and the Mayor of Cambridge, everyone’s favorite mandals wearing party monster, Alan Manzi.

So come get your groove on with all of us… no gabronies allowed. You know how we do. Nights like this make the week and month….Monday and Tuesday never hurt so good!!!

21+ $7 before 11 pm / $10 after.


Tonight! A Lil Louder!!!

Do you like 90s Dancehall, Hip Hop, Grunge, Soul, Dubstep, B-More Club and Classic House? Have you ever considered wearing a fishnet tank top? Is the “butterfly” still one of your staple dance move? Well then break out your lighters and air horns because The Almighty Pretty Face Posse + Jus Cuz Period have teamed up to bring you a bashment party in true 90s ragga muffin stylee. 21 + no dress code, no cover. PS We’rrrreeee BAAAAaaaack!


Wednesday, June 27th
 (NYC, Greedhead) w/
Nu Life DJs Rizzla (Fade to Mind)
and D’ Hana 
w/ Live rap set by Micah

So proud to be brining LE1F of critically acclaimed mixtape Dark York, and the producer of such varied material as epic #seajunk daydream songsuites and the killer beat for Das Racist’s notoriously infectious earworm Combination Pizza Hut and Taco Bell He has also collaborated with the likes of SpankRock, Nguzunguzu and NY’s GHE20 G0TH1K crew. For more background on this self proclaimed “Gaygnsta rapper” check this recent interview he did with the Village voice.

Our cohosts for this event are the venerable Nu Life DJ crew (Rizzla and D’Hana) who just ended their steller 3 year run at ZuZu -as mentioned in this recent article in the Boston Phoenix.

Here’s a lil blurb they wrote for the Phoenix to provide a little context for their driving NU DEATHmix.

“Nu Life has hosted some incredible DJ’s and producers, including Kingdom, Venus X, LE1F, Wayne Marshall, Jubilee, Massacooramaan and Physical Therapy. The vibe can range from 90’s dance b-sides to underwater reggaeton house party. This mix is a blend of some styles we love – club and vogue beats, afflicted big room house, juke and harder rave music with twerk vocals. It’s a mixture of Rizzla’s own remixes and productions, the new school anthem YOU by Fade to Mind label head Kingdom, queer vocalists and amazing Boston-based producers like False Witness, Dev/Null, and Wheez-ie.”

Today! Game Over!

Game Over will be every other Tuesday at [Good Life]( starting on June 26th. We will have everything from N64s to Dnd, Boardgames, Card Games, Tabletops, Magic the gathering and more! See our facebook page for more details. June 26th, 4-10pm 18+ no cover 28 kingston St Boston, Ma 02111.

Game Over started as a “hey wouldn’t that be cool if…” idea and is finally becoming a reality. We are striving to create a place for gamers and nerd of all interests and sub groups to come together and enjoy their hobbies and passions in one place. It is for this purpose Game Over was created and hopefully because of this that it will grow and thrive.

We will have everything from board games to card games, DnD to MtG, n64s and Wiis, and anything else that we can think of or people decide to bring. We are even working on building an arcade cabinet just for this event and future events.

Getting into specifics we will be coordinating with the good folks over at /r/bostonboardgames to bring in the cream of the crop of Boston’s board game community and hopefully introduce some new people to the awesomeness that is board gaming.

We will be having Magic the Gathering tournaments at the event as well, I haven’t decided which type yet (boosted or sealed) but we will be working with [Pandemonium]( who are being good enough to provide us with two Avacyn Restored booster boxes per event which will be used AT COST (ie if we do a booster draft entry will be 7.50 instead of the usual 15 so you get three booster packs for half of what you would normally pay) so hopefully we see a strong showing from the local MtG community.

Table top games will also be an integral part of the night however it is sadly one of the areas in which I am lacking experience or friends who play. All tabletops are welcomed, maybe some will consider starting a new campaign to be held at Game Over, if you are interested in getting involved and helping us find some people who love to tabletop then get in touch!

We will also have 3 n64s (to start, we will probably acquire more later) being provided by [Game Underground]( hooked up to some of the tvs playing old favorites like mario kart 64, goldeneye, perfect dark, and anything else people bring. We will also have one wii (again just to start with, these things are surprisingly expensive) with Super Smash Brothers Melee on it or anything else that is brought to the first event. We are always accepting feedback in this and any other areas, if you think of something we are missing or should add please let me know! For our soundtrack I have found a long list of favorite video game theme songs and other related tracks, the list can be previewed [here]( it has over 1,000 tracks so far and will be on shuffle so it will hopefully provide a sufficient ambiance to the night.

We are always accepting suggestions so if you think we are missing something or should add a new game/system/idea please let me know. I will also try and answer any questions you may have.